"Take the best of the white man's road, pick it up and take it with you. That which is bad leave alone, cast it away. Take the best of the old Indian ways, always keep them, do not let them die."

Sitting Bull, the great Sioux

From the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries, the North American fur trade was a robust and immensely profitable enterprise.

Fascinating, exhaustive, and thoroughly researched, Neil Van Sickle and Evelyn Rodewald present the true story behind the Indians and the North American fur trade. Emphasizing the actual overriding role of Indian people in exploration, wilderness transportation, survival, and the collection of pelts and hides, Van Sickle and Rodewald demonstrate the great extent to which white adventurers, explorers, and traders heavily relied upon the Native American tribes. The sequence of events depended upon their aboriginal lifestyle, in which their knowledge and wilderness skills in living and traveling made the trade possible as well as profitable. With the entirety of the white traders’ commerce resting in the cradle of Native American culture, the indigenous tribes’ sophisticated trading network unlocked the secrets of the New World.

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